Researcher function

Items Descriptions
Search Researchers who hold a valid certificate can search for comprehensive investigation of strain data and patient data, also includes advance search function.
Browse Patient Case Researchers can browse any patient case to help their research.

Doctor function

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Management Patient Case Doctors can manage their patient's cases. They can add comments and annotations for individual case.

Patient function

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Upload Case Patients can add their treatment history including severity of condition and effectiveness of particulat formulations. They can keep track of their treatment history to understand what works for their condition. Their assigned doctors will have access to patient treatment data to help customise treatment.

Admin function

Items Descriptions
Modify Data Admin can edit all daat including strain data, research data, npatient data. They can also edit user profiles and authorise individual entries
System administrator Admins can aprrove request to become researcher, add and delete users and all the system administration

About ILC

This database has been created by RMIT University in collaboration with MGC Pharmaceuticals and BuddingTech Pty Ltd. It is designed to curate data cannabinoids. from growers, patients, doctors and researchers.
We are interested in hearing from potential research groups and hospitals who are willing to share data and collaborate with us on this community project. Please contact Dr Nitin Mantri ([email protected]).


This project aims to provide an integrated and open source platform for cannabinoid research/user data from academia, industry and clinicians.


The vision is that all cannabinoid research/user data will be deposited in a common repository and overtime this repository will provide evidence for efficacy of cannabinoid treatment of various disorders, and help doctors, researchers and industry to choose the right cannabinoid profiles for various conditions.


The database will be developed by Project Students, PhD students and Post Doc Fellow from RMIT University. Dr Nitin Mantri has worked on initial design in collaboration with other experts from RMIT University and across the world. Mr Adam Miller (BuddingTech and Medical Cannabis Council) is our industry liaison manager and is facilitating the collaboration with data producers across the world to ensure maximum data deposition and utilisation. MGC Pharmaceuticals is funding the development of the database to serve the Medical Cannabis community including Growers, Doctors, Patients, Researchers, Regulators and Industries.

Data Sources

There are two main trusted sources of data that will be initially considered: clinical case studies and research articles. There is enormous amount of data on medical use of cannabis that is right now scattered in a sense that it has not been archived in a systematic (structured) fashion to enable scientific evidence based data mining. This project will systematically archive research and clinical data to ensure all comprehensively performed and recorded cases are captured under one umbrella. Any study or case with poor evidence will be excluded. However the excluded cases will be recorded in a separate section with explanation on reason for exclusion.

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